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 “A health advocate came with me to the orthopedic clinic because I wasn’t sure that I would remember all of the right questions to ask or remember the answers. It was very helpful to have someone with me to do that.” 
– Robyn Sprigg, Member and Volunteer

What We Do

Through our communities of mutual support we do many things! While there are differences in the support each village offers, here are some typical member benefits:

We provide practical volunteer support:

  • Rides from volunteers who have been vetted and trained.
  • Errands (grocery pick-ups, prescriptions, and the like).
  • Help with electronic devices - VCRs, TVs, phones, computers, etc.
  • Household chores, such as changing light-bulbs, helping with a fall clean-up, or getting winter clothes out of storage.
  • In-person consultation to make your home safer.
  • Healthcare education, and referrals to other organizations and services.

We create opportunities to get together, make friends, and enjoy activities such as these:

  • Outings to museums, movies, concerts, and lectures.
  • Gatherings for picnics, walks, and potlucks.
  • Calls and visits from village members (at a member's request).
  • Interest groups around whatever members love: books, gardening, crafts, theatre, movies, and more.
  • Neighborhood Circles that connect members who live near one another.
  • Calendar of local educational, cultural and entertainment activities.

We volunteer to make a real difference in each other's lives. You may want to:

  • Volunteer to provide any of our practical support services.
  • Work with other volunteers to organize social activities, publish the newsletter, or help in the office.
  • Work with others to recruit new members and volunteers.

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